I Just Tripped Over My 2017 rMBP’s Power Cord →

July 15, 2018 · 15:05

Reddit user seditiousseals:

It went flying off the table. It landed on carpet (fortunately), so nothing is damaged, but I still miss MagSafe. It also pisses me off that they no longer give the extension cable. If they still included the extension cable (which can’t cost more than a dollar per unit), this wouldn’t have happened. I’m annoyed they got rid of MagSafe, and I’m annoyed they got rid of the extension cord, but I’m *really* annoyed that they got rid of both at the same time.

I miss it too.

April 11, 2018 · 10:59

I’m sitting with my 2016 MacBook Pro Escape on my lap, connected to its charger, really missing MagSafe. I have not yet tripped over the cord, but it has been close a few times now. All I can do is fondly remember how many times MagSafe saved my 2014 MacBook Pro.