Locked Out of My FastMail Account (Sort Of)

June 9, 2018 · 19:43

I finally got around to setting up 2FA for my FastMail account on Wednesday, preferring to switch over to 1Password, to an authenticator instead of SMS. I forgot I would need to create an app password for my iPhone to continue receiving emails on it. FastMail was nice enough to notify me of this via email, as a reminder, but I did not receive this email, because I was locked out, because I didn’t create an app password, because I completely forgot about it.

Yeah, my bad.

The upside was that I was happy for two days because I barely got any email (a few slipped by on my other accounts). The downside? It’s the weekend and I am calling email bankruptcy.

My First Three Years With FastMail →

June 18, 2017 · 08:47

Exactly three years have passed since I left Gmail and started using FastMail for all my needs. I chose a plan which included a custom domain, so this allowed me to get a bit more creative, but the service itself is most important after all. So how was it?

I cannot recall having a single problem or the service not working, which is a first for me. Google would always act up from time to time, requiring my time. So did iCloud for that matter. FastMail has been exemplary, performing all my requests perfectly over these past three years, pushing emails to all my devices. Not once did it falter or even slow down.

I just renewed my account for another three years, without hesitation.