rdar://28350774 – Cannot Copy Text From PDF in Mail.app and Paste to Messages.app

September 17, 2016 · 13:10

I filed a bug today about PDFs, Mail, and Messages:

Text copied from PDFs attached to mail messages cannot be pasted into Messages (both SMS and iMessage).

1. Open Mail.
2. Download & open PDF attached to email.
3. Select & copy text from PDF.
4. Try to paste text into new or existing Message (iMessage or SMS) — no paste prompt after tapping the text field.

After tapping the text field, a “paste” popup should appear.

Nothing happens after tapping the empty text field.

If you’re reading this and know someone who could push this forward, I’d be very grateful.

Ben Collier’s Recipe to Fix the Safari/Mail Link Bug →

March 29, 2016 · 18:12

Ben Collier came up with a new ‘recipe’ to fix the iOS 9.x link bug plaguing iOS users:

If you’ve been hit by the iOS 9.3 broken links you can follow these steps to fix the issue whilst we wait for a full update from Apple. Unfortunately you’ll need to hook your iPhone or iPad up to your computer and sync with iTunes.

You may need to try this a few times for it to work, it seems like a specific timing needs to occur for the correct caches to clear.

If you tried mine, and it didn’t work, make sure to give his a run.

How to fix iOS 9.x Safari/Mail Link Bug [updated]

March 29, 2016 · 10:05

Apple published iOS 9.3.1, which should fix all of the issues.

There have been numerous threads and articles about the iOS link bug, with many of them posting false information. This bug is not limited to iOS 9.3 nor does it have much to do with the update itself. It appears to be caused by the Shared Web Content Daemon, which goes into a crash loop after the Booking.com app tried to register too many universal links. Perhaps other apps are to blame too. I won’t bore you with all the details and get to the point: the method I wrote up below fixed the issue on my iPhone 6S Plus.

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