Retro Patent Prints →

January 26, 2017 · 09:35

Retro Patents:

Discover limited edition vintage patent prints that helped shape the technology, design and gaming industries.

From IBM’s vacuum tube computers to Nintendo’s first cartridge based gaming consoles.

We have designed beautiful bespoke prints based on some of the keystone inventions of our generation from companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, AirBnB and more.

Each patent has been designed and printed using HDR ink-jet technology on Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper with a basis weight of 180 gsm.

A great idea and awesome execution.

How Travel Photography Inspires Lisa Bettany to Battle Injury and Heartbreak →

January 25, 2017 · 14:14

Lisa Bettany:

Like many young Canadians growing up on the prairies, I learned how to skate on an outdoor rink. I was a feisty 3-year-old with a zest for dramatic expression and an insatiable hunger to compete. Figure skating became my passion and purpose until I was 21. One slight miscalculation lead to a horrible fall which broke my back and plunged my life into a spiral of pain and hopelessness.

I spent the next 8 years in darkness. Immobilized in my bed, I would stare up at the ceiling and feel so powerless. I cut out photographs of beautiful places from travel magazines and stuck them on my walls. At the time, I felt like I would never get to see those places in real life. I could hardly walk and couldn’t sit for longer than 5 minutes. Traveling to the next room was trouble enough, let alone traveling the world.

I started following Lisa Bettany’s work shortly after she embarked upon her journey with photography. I knew that she had some sort of injury, which led her to hanging up her ice skates, but I never knew it was so serious.

She has always been an inspiration, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and on her site.

Photo credit: Lisa Bettany

The Death Star and the Final Trench Run →

January 25, 2017 · 14:06

Todd Vaziri:

Star Wars fans pride themselves on knowing each and every detail from the original trilogy. But there’s one little detail from “Star Wars” (1977) that might surprise a lot of fans, and the reality of this detail is different than our collective head canon.

I never thought about it this way and did not connect the two trenches together. At this point, I’m not even sure if I assumed it was the equatorial trench or not. on Kickstarter →

January 20, 2017 · 11:48

Manton Reece:

Hi, my name is Manton Reece, and I’m writing a book called Indie Microblogging. I’m also launching a brand new platform for microblogs.

Do you remember how the web used to work? How the web was supposed to work?

In the earlier days of the web, we always published to our own web site. If you weren’t happy with your web host, or they went out of business, you could move your files and your domain name, and nothing would break.

Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of centralized social networking sites, where you can’t move your content, advertisements and fake news are everywhere, and if one of these sites fails, your content disappears from the internet. Too many sites have gone away and taken our posts and photos with them.

I want to encourage more independent writing. To do that, we need better tools that embrace microblogs and the advantages of the open web. We need to learn from the success and user experience of social networking, but applied to the full scope of the web.

I first set out to build a new service just for microblogs. It has a timeline experience like a social network, with replies and favorites, but it’s based on RSS, with the main posts pulled from independent sites.

Looks like he’s on to something. Backed. Can’t wait to get my hands on the final product, to see what’s what.

App Store Deals — 20/01/2017

January 20, 2017 · 11:43

There are a lot of good apps on sale today. If you haven’t already bought both Affinity Photo and Designer, Scrivener, and Sidefari, you might want to take a look. The other ones aren’t too shabby either.

Affinity Designer – Mac – €49.99 > €39.99
Affinity Photo – Mac – €49.99 > €39.99
AmpliTube – iPad – €19.99 > €9.99
AmpliTube – iPhone – €19.99 > €9.99
Angry Birds Space HD – iPad – €2.99 > €0.00
Angry Birds Space – iPhone – €0.99 > €0.00
Busy Shapes – iOS – €2.99 > €0.00
Editorial – iOS – €9.99 > €4.99
Habits – Mac – €0.99 > €0.00
MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance – iOS – €4.99 > €0.99
Life – Mac – €0.99 > €0.00
Lifeline 2 – iOS – €1.99 > €0.99
Lifeline: Crisis Line – iOS – €2.99 > €0.99
Lifeline: Flatline – iOS – €2.99 > €0.99
Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity – iOS – €2.99 > €0.99
Lifeline: Silent Night – iOS – €1.99 > €0.99
Moneybag – Mac – €0.99 > €0.00
Scapple – Mac – €14.99 > €8.99
Scrivener – Mac – €44.99 > €26.99
Scrivener – iOS – €19.99 > €11.99
Sidefari – Web browsing companion for Safari – iOS – €0.99 > €0.00
Siralim 2 – iOS – €4.99 > €1.99
Smart Alarm Clock: sleep cycle & snoring recorder – iPhone – €1.99 > €0.00
TaskBox – Mac – €0.99 > €0.00
Terminology: Dictionary, Thesaurus & Search – iOS – €0.99 > €0.00
The Detail – iOS – €2.99 > €0.00
The Secret of Chimera Labs – iOS – €1.99 > €0.00
The Sims 2: Super Collection – Mac – €29.99 > €14.99
TimeTable – Mac – €19.99 > €0.00
Together 3 – Mac – €59.99 > €49.99
Warp Shift – iOS – €2.99 > €0.00
Waterlogue – iOS – €3.99 > €2.99
Yuri – iPhone – €3.99 > €2.99
Yuri – Mac – €3.99 > €2.99

The Case for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro →

January 18, 2017 · 12:21

Jason Snell:

Dan Provost of Studio Neat wrote an interesting post last week about reports that Apple is planning on releasing a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro alongside the 12.9- and 9.7-inch versions.

The idea seems kind of far-fetched at first. Provost himself cites John Gruber’s statement that it doesn’t make any sense, but after reading Provost’s post, Gruber said that “the math works out”. And I have to admit, the more I think about it, the more appealing this possible product sounds to me.

I did the math 5 months ago, after Ming-Chi Kuo’s first rumour about the new iPad:

If you take the resolution of the 12.9″ iPad Pro of 2732 x 2048 px (it also has 264 PPI) and shrink it down to 10.5″, you get approximately 326 PPI. This could mean that the 10.5″ iPad Pro would get the slightly larger UI of the biggest iPad in the lineup, together with the better virtual keyboard and more room for two apps side by side.

I have not changed by mind — I love the amount of information that fits on the iPad Pros 12.9″ screen, but I would love to have it in a smaller form factor. My only worry is the Smart Keyboard — I use it because of its full-sized keys. Back to Jason:

A slightly wider iPad Pro would give Apple and third-party keyboard makers a little more room with which to work. Yes, the 12.9-inch model is 65 millimeters wider than the smaller iPad, but a look at the respective Smart Keyboards suggests that the 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard has width to spare. There’s at least 30 millimeters total of wasted space on the sides of the larger Smart Keyboard. Squash a few of the modifier keys at the edges, as on the smaller model, and an iPad that’s only slightly larger would probably allow for a keyboard with full-sized keys.

I really hope Jason is right about this and this is the path that Apple chooses — typing on the 9.7″ Smart Keyboard is a pain for me.

I also wonder if this might be an opportunity for Apple to release its own keyboard cover based on the new butterfly keyswitches it’s using on the MacBook and MacBook Pro, rather than leaving traditional keyboards to the third-party market.

I’ve grown to really like both the Smart Keyboard and the new butterfly mechanisms on my late 2016 MacBook Pro and Magic Keyboard. A marriage of the two would be a very interesting concept. It should also be more than possible — Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 keyboard is very good.

But I’ll give back a little bit of physical size if it also can bring support for full-sized external keyboards to the party.

Me too!

Mac Malware of 2016 →

January 4, 2017 · 19:47

Patrick Wardle:

Due to sheer volume, Windows malware generally dominates the malicious code and news scene. Of course, Macs are susceptible to malware as well and 2016 saw a handful of new malware targeting Apple computers.

In this blog, I wanted to discuss all Mac malware that appeared this year. While each sample has been reported on before (i.e. by the AV company that discovered it), this blog aims to cumulatively cover all in one place. Moreover, for each, we’ll identify the infection vector, persistence mechanism, features/goals, and describe disinfection.

You will also find all the locations of where the malware installs itself.

P.S. I have never been infected in the decade or so as a Mac user.1.

  1. *knock on wood*