What to See in Paris, France →

November 19, 2016 · 11:11


A long time ago my friend Eric asked me what to do in Paris. Since I live to serve I wrote a web page for him that contained some humble suggestions. Over the years whenever anyone asks me what to do in Paris I trot out that page, because we always do the same things.

Recently this happened again, when my friend Lesley asked for a list of things to do. So I went and looked at the old list, but found that it’s not quite what I would write now. Paris is not (quite) hermetically sealed in a glass bottle, so things come and go and stuff changes. Therefore, the old list now has some mistakes on it, so it’s time to do it over again.

The general ground rules still apply though. I am not much of a tourist. My idea of a good time on a trip is to eat a lot, walk around and stare at the natives, and take pictures of buildings when the light gets good. This list reflects this bias. Most of the major monuments are not here. Hopefully there are a few out of the way places that you might not have found on your own.

A more than decent guide, including where to stop to eat.