Sue the Manufacturer of Your Smartphone for Allowing You to Text While Driving →


Joe Rossignol, writing for MacRumors:

California resident Julio Ceja filed a class action complaint against Apple in January, accusing the company of placing profit before consumer safety by choosing not to implement a lock-out mechanism that would disable an iPhone’s functionality when being used behind the wheel by an engaged driver.

Ceja said his vehicle was involved in a collision with another vehicle in which the driver was texting on an iPhone.

Apple, however, told the court that it’s a driver’s fault if they choose to misuse an inherently safe iPhone while operating a vehicle. Apple essentially said it cannot be blamed simply because it manufactures the device, according to court documents filed electronically and obtained by MacRumors.

I’m going to sue the manufacturer of my TV, because I tripped over the coffee table, because I was distracted while watching Netflix. Hmm… I could try to sue Netflix too, I guess.

The absurdity of the legal system at its finest.

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