OS X — Option + Shift + Left/Right Arrow Keys
Shortcuts for Selecting Text Don’t Work


I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X 10.11.4 last night. After confirming that everything was fine, I closed the lid and forgot about it. This morning, while writing an article, I found I couldn’t select text using the ⇧ + ⌥ + Left/Right Arrow keys. Dammit!

I first checked whether Keyboard Maestro or Karabiner weren’t interfering with OS X itself — that one of those apps was messing something up was my first thought. They weren’t. It wasn’t OS X, since I asked around, so it must have been something specific to my machine. I did a cold reboot, opened up BBedit and started experimenting. I noticed a small popup near the top of the screen immediately — it was Sip [App Store], a great colour picker which I use often.

Sip prefs

The problem lies in the shortcut section of version 4.x of the app. As you can see above, it uses the default OS X text selection shortcut to change colour profiles. If you hover over it, a small trashcan icon appears — deleting both solved my issue.

Since I never changed Sip’s default shortcuts, and just upgraded to 4.x today, I assume the new version changes (or adds) them. Hopefully Sip’s creators will revert to a different set of shortcuts in the next update, but until then you will have to change or delete them manually.



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