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David Ruddock:

So, am I sitting here telling you buy a Samsung, or a Xiaomi? I mean, I’m not telling you not to. Both companies make good products. But of all the world’s smartphone makers, there’s only one that I truly know of that is all but wholly disinterested in selling you a phone: Google. Google wants to sell you a portal to advertisements. And cellular service (in America). And cloud storage. And email (with ads). And they want the experience upon the phone which you are served those ads to be good. Fast, simple, uncluttered, and enjoyable. Because if I hate my phone, I’m less likely to use it to consume those ads, and that would obviously be bad. Nexus phones have transformed from the developer and enthusiast bleeding-edge into pretty usable consumer devices. In fact, I pretty much exclusively suggest the 6P today, because it’s the only phone I can suggest in good conscience that is produced by a company that isn’t out to make money selling you a phone. Google even publishes end of life support dates for Nexus phones now – what other smartphone manufacturer does that?

Perhaps it’s cynical of me, perhaps it’s just me being risk-averse and boring, and perhaps it’s simply that I’m drinking the Nexus kool-aid. But I’m tired of reading about phones that don’t get updates, that are bogged down with sponsored bloatware, or that have all the customer support of a plastic spoon. I’m tired of having freaking trust issues with a smartphone. I want a decent phone with a decent warranty with decent software and support. And I’m willing to pay for that. I don’t want the best value at the expense of support. I don’t want the best support at the expense of affordability. I don’t even want the best phone at the expense of either of the previous two things. I just don’t want to feel like I’m getting screwed for the sake of a low price tag or a specification sheet. Increasingly, it feels like I don’t have many options that aren’t a Nexus.

Personally, I don’t have the time nor the desire to waste my time looking for a smartphone that might not frustrate me. That is the main reason I go with the iPhone — because it’s one less thing that I have to worry about.

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  1. Funny how these things tend to work – I actually changed *from* iPhone to Android because of endless frustration with the battery dying at 5 PM. Now I am using my phone the whole day on a single charge.

    • Which phone are you using? My Nexus 6 usually gets half the battery life of my 6S+.

    • I used iPhone 4 and 5 and now I am using OnePlus One. One charge gets me from 8:30 till midnight. Of course it’s because of larger battery, which 6S+ also has, but because of relatively large bezels this phone is a bit too unwieldy for me.

    • All the hardware issues and camera on that phone would probably freak me out too much. I’d get a 6P Nexus, but that has its own issues. Wish the N6 had a better camera.

    • Hmm, never had any issues with it (have it for over a year). I guess I’m lucky, but I trust them because of that. Actually I plan on buying the next phone from them – it is gourgeous.

    • You should see the kind of issues that @grycmat has. 😃 Glad you don’t at least.

  2. That’s basically all about it. I know many people who are trying to find all possible excuses for buying Android phones. The most common one is ‘good value for money’ or shall I rather call it ‘not enough money for the good value’? Everyone has different expectations but come on. The user of e.g. NEXUS phone should also keep in mind how much can he get for his phone one year latter… would it be 70% of the original official retail price? What happen if both Android and iOS phones are offered for 1 EUR or similar amount? Assuming same monthy subscription only Android fanatics would have taken Nexus…Besides the quality of customer service, updates, reliability, productivity, etc.