New iPad 9.7″ Is Basically a First Generation iPad Air With Touch ID


I’m a bit disappointed with Apple’s announcements today, especially about the lack of any new iPads or substantial updates to the existing line-up. I was hoping for a 7.9″ iPad Pro and Display P3 on the 12.9″ model. The new 9.7″ iPad however…

The just released 9.7″ iPad is basically the first generation iPad Air, as far as I can tell, with the small addition of Touch ID. It lacks the 9.7″ iPad Pro’s antireflective coating and fully laminated display (the iPad Air 2 had both), it’s 7.5 mm thick (the same as the iPad Air; Air 2 was 6.1 mm thick), and it weighs 469-478 grams, depending on the model (again, the same as the first generation Air). I cannot recommend buying it, especially since I can distinctly remember that the lower weight and thickness of the iPad Air 2 made it an extremely viable upgrade over its predecessor. Just go for the 9.7″ iPad Pro instead, unless it’s for someone who doesn’t have high expectations.

P.S. It of course has an Apple A9 now, instead of the A7 in the iPad Air 1.

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