Google’s Proprietary Fork of HTML Is Taking Over the Open Web →


Nick Heer:

Consider this: Google owns the most popular search engine and the biggest video hosting platform in most countries, operates one of the most-used email services on Earth,1 has the greatest market share of any mobile operating system, makes the most popular web browser in many countries, serves the majority of the targeted advertising on the web, provides the most popular analytics software for websites, and is attempting to become a major internet service provider. And, to cap it all off, they’re subtly replacing HTML with their own version, and it requires a Google-hosted JavaScript file to correctly display.

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  1. So?

    “These pages are also loading twice as fast as before”

    If something is better, why not to use it?

    • The reason they load fast isn’t because Google’s method is faster, it’s because most websites have too much bloat. If AMP wins, the internet will be basically controlled by Google. Not a welcoming thought.