Gold iPad Air 2 at Sunrise — In Photos


I picked up my iPad Air 2 in gold last night – much, much later than Apple delivered my wife’s new engraved silver model. That was a first but I’m glad she managed to get a surprise — at least that’s what I hope her facial expression said. In the meantime, I’ve put on a few hours of mileage on my Air 2 and quite frankly, as an ex–Retina–Mini owner I couldn’t be more pleased. That’s mostly due to the fantastic screen — Apple’s decision to laminate the LCD with the glass is what made me switch. I will dearly miss thumb–typing on the Mini, but hopefully the novelty of returning to a 9.7″ iPad will not wear off too quickly.

Anyway, today’s sunrise was absolutely gorgeous — the sun’s golden rays really highlighted its color. I chose it for one simple reason — we wanted to be able to tell our iPads apart at first glance, especially since we both use (RED) Smart Covers. I wasn’t quite sure I made the right choice, but I do feel a bit better now…

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